Jacobi Alvarez is a Film Artist who is fascinated by the combination of Cinema and Dance as more than the sum of their parts. In her work, she takes advantage of the possibility of re-choreographing the choreography in the editing room, an ability to direct the audience’s eye and showcase certain aspects of movement, and the way Dance on Screen can live on the internet for eternal re-plays.

cobi screendance wide

Working in Miniature Part 3: “Submerge”

An improvised film-poem Created by Jacobi Alvarez and Danced by Antonia and Willa Brown. Music by Kevin Carey (“Valerian Root” and “Hydrate”) with Art by Rosita Alvarez (“Faith Not Fear”).

“Submerge” is part of “Working in Miniature,” a series of Mini Dance Films created in collaboration between Jacobi Alvarez (Director, Shooter, Editor), Antonia Brown (Dancer, Co-choreographer), and Willa Brown (Dancer, Co-choreographer). Each piece centers around a single idea or image communicable in one minute or less.

Our “Working in Miniature” Process:
~Make The Art Even When Busy Even With No Time Even With No Budget Even Improvised~

Working in Miniature Part 1: “Honey”

An improvised film-poem Created by Jacobi Alvarez, Danced by Antonia Brown, with Music by Kevin Carey.

Working in Miniature Part 2: “Ritual”

An improvised film-poem Created by Jacobi Alvarez, Danced by Antonia Brown, with Music by Kevin Carey.

Empty of Water

This piece is a poem to a lost loved one about the heavy monotony of things. In it, a team of gown-clad goddesses hold each other dear, travel far, scavenge, rush, row, and remember.

Directed, choreographed, and edited by Jacobi, with dancers Amelia Bell, Kaja Burke-Williams, Caroline Henry, Shea Lee, Elisa Meyer, Zining Mok. Northwestern, 2014.

A Little Mix

A collaboration with parkour artist Dmitri Gonzales. This piece combines aspects of acroyoga, dance, and adagio in a physically daring exploration of shared weight.

Shot by Bennett Torres, edited by Jacobi. Austin TX, 2015.

Portrait Of An Ordeal

Walk forward. Reveal Yourself. Learn Lessons. Make Mistakes. Fight. Struggle. Improvise. Dance With. Lose. Fall. Erode. This work was created as an experiment with the movement of light and fabric and muscle, with an interest in repetition and mindless yet insistent effort.

Directed and edited by Jacobi. Featuring Sam Douglas and Nate Bartlett. Northwestern, 2014.


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